Chicken Layer cages for laying hens

Hens need a place to lay there eggs. In many chicken houses the hens lay eggs in nest boxes – galvanised boxes on stands which allow the the hens to brood and lay. A factory farming method of chicken egg product is to use layer cages. In this method the chickens are kept permanently in a cage – usually 3- 5 birds, and the eggs that are laid, roll forward to a wire trough that catches the eggs for collection. Although layer cages are banned in Europe, they are still allowed in African Countries – considered cruel by many people and chicken farmers – it is still the most productive form of chicken egg production. These units can be stacked on top of each other and can be stood in rows – depending on how high and long your chicken house is.

Layer cages, sometimes known as hen cages come in parts and need to be assembled – while not difficult – they can present problems if you have never assembled a laying cage, Chicken laying cages are available and manufactured in South Africa. Prices vary depending where you buy layer cages – for the best quality and best price Chicken Shack Agencies will come out and install the later cage – with all the other poultry equipment you need. This will include a nipple drinking system and a header tank to supply water to the house. They also build chicken houses for broilers – any size you require.

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